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FALL 2017 Parent Education Events/Programs

  • Infant Movement Awareness and Tummy Time Skills - Sept 16

    Infant Movement Awareness and Tummy Time Skills
    for the pre-crawling baby

    For UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty with infants and UW Campus Child Care Infant Teachers

    Saturday, September 16
    Location: Nurturing Touch Therapy, 6117 Monona Drive

    Patricia Smith, OT and IBCLC, will demonstrate ways in which to help infants gain body awareness, skills that can help make tummy time more enjoyable, and talk about why these movement techniques are important for babies’ growth and development.

    Patricia Smith, OT and IBCLC from Nurturing Touch Therapy, combines extensive training and 20 years of practitioner experience to educate clients, fostering a connection between parents and their children.

    Parents of non-crawling infants: please indicate on the sign up form the age of your infant that you will be bringing.

    Infant teachers: we will pair you up with a mom/infant duo for the session (unless you have your own young infant!)

  • Managing Emotional Mayhem - Conscious Discipline

    Managing Emotional Mayhem

    7-part series of sessions (must be able to attend all)

    for UW-Madison students/staff/faculty parents

    7-sessions total on Mondays:
    September 18, 25, October 9, 30, November 13, 27, and December 11
    Location: The Playing Field/Bethany Church, 3910 Mineral Point Road


    Temper Tantrums? Fits? Name Calling? Defiance? The adult response to these child behaviors will either foster the development or self regulation or inhibit it!

    Managing Emotional Mayhem, a book by Dr. Becky Bailey, will be the basis for this parent training series. We will explore our own emotional models and present new skills on how to coach children in develop self-regulation.

      Presented by Abbi Kruse, Owner of The Playing Field, a child care center that uses Conscious Discipline as it’s foundation.

  • Music and Movement for Young Children

    Music and Movement Classes

    for children of UW Madison students/staff/faculty
    Fall 2017

    6-week session on Sundays:
    September 24 &
    October 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29

    4:00-4:45: 18 months – 2 years
    5:00-5:45: Preschool/3-5 yrs
    Location: Bernie’s Place, 39 University Houses

    With the group led by Amy Welk, Director of Bernie’s Place Child Care Center, parents and children will participate in this music and movement class, learning about ourselves and nature through the use of our voices, our bodies, scarves and instruments!

    5 benefits of music for young children:
    Boost their brainpower!
    Improve their memory!
    Develop their confidence!
    Foster their creativity!
    Teach them patience!

    Classes are full

  • Single Parent Group

    Single Parent Group Fall 2017

    for UW-Madison students/staff/faculty

    September 27
    October 18
    November 29 – cancelled
    December 13

    11:30am-12:30pm (lunch served at 11:15)
    Eagle Heights Community Center, Rm 133

    Facilitated by Cerissa Wills
    Child and Family Therapist, Rainbow Project

    Sign up here

  • Ending Power Struggles Parent Session - September 26

    Ending Power Struggles

    for UW Madison students/staff/faculty parents

    Tuesday, September 26
    11:30am – 1:00pm
    Location: Fresh Madison Market

    We will start by learning about how/where power struggles start and why they are so common, and then dig into the most powerful ways to ease power struggles and start feeling like you and your child are on the same side.

    Presented by Laura Froyen

  • Effective Limit Setting for Parents of Children ages 1-2

    Effective Limit Setting for parents of children ages 1-2

    for UW-Madison students/staff/faculty parents

    October 10
    Location: Fresh Madison Market

    Learn developmentally appropriate expectations for this age group and how to set limits with calm confidence and connection. We will explore alternatives to distraction, bribing, shaming, punishing, and yelling. Your child’s growing sense of independence can bring up new parenting challenges; this class can give you the confidence to guide them through this with confidence and connection.

  • Effective Limit Setting for Parent of Children Ages 3-5

    Effective Limit Setting for Parents of Children Ages 3-5

    for UW-Madison Students, Staff, and Faculty

    Learn developmentally appropriate expectations for this age group and how to set limits with calm confidence and connection. We will explore alternatives to time-outs, bribing, shaming, punishing, and yelling, all with a heavy dose of compassion, because parenting this age group is HARD!

  • Feeding the Picky Eater - November 8

    Feeding the Picky Eater

    for UW-Madison students/staff/faculty

    November 8, 2017
    Fresh Madison Market

    Presented by Laura Froyen

    Are you struggling with a picky eater? Are meal times a battle for your family? In this class we will explore a new way to view mealtimes that can radically change your family’s relationship with food. A few simple changes can make meal times the connecting, enjoyable time you so want them to be!

  • School Readiness Fun!

    School Readiness Fun!

    for UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty

    Tuesday, December 5
    Fresh Madison Market

    In this class we will explore the key skills needed for most kids to do well as they transition to formal schooling. We will also dispel some myths and calm some worries you may have about your child’s readiness for school. I will also provide some fun activities you can play with your child to help support the skills they need to do well in school.

    Registration Required: COMING SOON

  • Parent One-on-One Consultations with Laura Froyen

    Parent One-on-One Consultations with Laura Froyen

    For UW-Madison students/staff/faculty

    Each family can sign up for one 30-minute session
    September 21: 9am-noon
    October 11: 9am-noon
    October 24: 9am-noon
    November 10: 9am-noon
    November 30: 9am-noon
    December 14: 9am-noon

    Find parenting strategies and solutions that work best for your family!

    Struggling with discipline? Wondering if your child’s behavior is typical for their age? Needing tips for handling big emotions? Looking for ways to be more balanced and calm as a parent? Wishing you could ask as expert a quick parenting question in-person without the hassle of finding a therapist or consultant?

    Sign up for a time slot at our next “One-on-One Parent Consult” where Dr. Laura Froyen provides evidenced-based parenting strategies in an easy, convenient setting.

    Dr. Laura Froyen has her PhD in Human Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Couple and Family Therapy. Laura was previously an Assistant Professor at UW-Madison and served as an early childhood and parenting expert for UW Extension.

    Laura is currently a parenting educator/coach and provides private consultations, locally and online, in additional to parenting classes and groups. You can learn a bit more about Laura’s approach on her website Laura takes a research-based approach to parenting and encourages families to piece together parenting strategies that work for them. Her work with parents also focuses on the role of balance as a key aspect of a well functioning family.


  • Postpartum Planning Sessions

    Postpartum Planning Sessions

    For UW students, staff, and faculty expecting parents

    In this one-on-one session, have the help of a practiced postpartum doula to walk you through common and uncommon considerations once you return home with your new baby.  Prepare to thrive in the areas most important to you, such as practical needs, home set up, and considerations typically not planned for in the excitement of pregnancy and birth.  Take this time to broaden your focus on how to create an environment that is perfect for you and your expanded family.

    Michelle Ellinger has been offering support and guidance to Madison families since 2006 when she became a trained postpartum doula.  With a focus on finding creative personalized solutions and supportive community networking, has helped hundreds of new parents find ways to encourage confidence and security in their growing families.  Now seen as a recognized expert in local options and infant care, she is pleased to be able to support families at UW-Madison.

    Michelle is the Owner and Director of Madison Family Doulas, and offers the areas only exclusive postpartum and infant care doula agency in Madison.

    To set up a free, private, in-home consultation with Michelle, please call 608-509-7178

  • Lactation Consultations for UW-Madison Parents

    Lactation Consultations

    for UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty

    To help you meet your breastfeeding goals, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) will provide a high level of lactation care, consultation, education, and support to UW-Madison students, staff, and faculty parents. She can also assist in navigating the university as you return to school or work here at UW-Madison.

    Tonya Schilling is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Bringing with her years of experience and knowledge, she helps parents find solutions to common and uncommon breastfeeding challenges. In addition to offering support to UW families, Tonya also offers private, in-home lactation consultations through Madison Family Doulas.

    Phone consulting about return to work, pumping, and navigating campus lactation rooms is also available.

    By appointment only: please call 608-509-7178


  • Balanced Parenting Playgroups

    Balanced Parenting Playgroup

    for UW-Madison students, staff and faculty families

    Meet with other parents to share the joys and challenges of being new parents while balancing school, work and relationships. You will find light-hearted support, empathy, and compassion from others who have been just where you are. There will also be opportunities to learn more about child development, gentle/positive discipline, and managing relationships with partners, family and friends.

    The group will be facilitated by Dr. Laura Froyen, who had her first child while obtaining her PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, and her second as a brand new professor. She now specializes in helping families find more balance, connection, and joy.

    Eagle Heights Community Center
    Stage area of large gym

    Fall playgroups starts Monday, September 11 and go through December 11!

    No registration necessary!