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Where will your gift make the greatest impact? Become a partner… Gifts to campus child care touch many lives and have a lasting impact on the UW early childhood and education community. One of the broadest goals of the Office of Child Care and Family Resources is to provide administrative collaboration, educational and professional resources, and financial assistance to University of Wisconsin-affiliated child care centers and the families that they serve. Your support enables our children to thrive in top-notch learning environments, ensures that struggling student parents stay on the path to degree completion, assists lower-income University Staff employees with the cost of child care, and empowers our early educators to achieve their vast potential. Simply put: your gifts count and make a difference now and in generations to come. Science confirms what our common sense already knows — that investing in the early years creates human and economic capital essential to successful futures. In the words of Bill Gates, “The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.”

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New Campus Child Care Initiatives

This fund supports major campus child care initiatives such as expansion projects for infant and toddler care to increase enrollment capacity, new playground designs, or large equipment purchases that fall outside of a center’s budget.  New services and programs also become a reality with the New Initiatives Fund. You may make a gift by following this link:

Student Child Care Scholarship Grant

Student parents experience many challenges over the course of their university career. Multiple stressors or unforeseen events (change in family structure, natural disasters) can undermine their ability to complete their studies and/or cover the cost of their child’s care. This fund provides direct financial assistance to qualifying student parents. You may make a gift by following this link:

Connie L. Wilson Center Grant Fund

Connie L. Wilson, with her extended family, created this fund to support the operational needs of UW child care centers. This fund ensures that professional development activities with nationally known experts keep our campus early education workforce strong, credentialed, and informed and that cutting-edge resources and program needs of the center are within reach. You may make a gift by following this link:

University Staff Child Care Grant

Quality early education and care is expensive, yet it has a dramatic impact on the development of young children. It is well known that children who participate in high-quality settings have higher language and cognitive skills and that their ability to regulate behavior prior to public school enrollment is an indicator of academic success. This fund was established to help University Staff manage the high cost of child care when emergency situations place unexpected financial burdens on the family. This one-time grant helps families get back on track, with the goal of preventing disruption in care for the child, and ensuring continuity in job attendance and performance for the employee. You may make a gift to this fund by following this link:

Lynn E. Edlefson Fund for Early Education Advancement

The purpose of this fund is to support early education students who participate in full-semester practicums at one of the five child care and early education centers. Qualifying students may be eligible for a scholarship grant from this fund. In addition, this fund will support campus early educators and professionals working at the five child care and early education centers who wish to pursue career advancement opportunities in their field. Qualifying employees may apply for grants for professional development or for educational degree advancement. You may make a gift to this fund by following this link:

Office of Child Care & Family Resources Fund

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent campus child care center closures, our office established a new fund to assist our centers with lost income. Center budgets rely on tuition for economic survival and allow for little contingency. With low enrollment levels, current tuition intake does not begin to pay the bills. The financial effects of this crisis will ripple outward for the unforeseeable future. It is critical to support our centers and their staff during this difficult period and to ensure that they serve the needs of campus families.

You may make a gift by following this link: