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In keeping with the African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” parents often seek the insight and counsel of relatives, friends and professionals during their child-rearing years. Campus parents face the challenge of balancing the complex demands of work and family and student parents have the additional pressure of class work and degree completion. All are likely to need assistance with looking for resources and developing networks. Whether you need to locate child care, have questions about financial assistance or are in need of advice about child management or early education training opportunities, our office is here to help. We work directly with the 3 campus and 2 affiliated centers (through contract) that serve our campus families and provide a range of other supportive programming and services. We hope that you’ll find the information and resources in this site to be of assistance and we welcome your call or email with questions as you develop a system of care and support for your family. The OCCFR reports to the School of Education and the Vice Chancellor of Administration and works with a variety of campus and community advisory groups.

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