Campus Child Care Teachers

The following information is for the early education staff at the 7 UW Campus Child Care locations.

Teacher Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development opportunities for all campus programs/educators tend to be "layered" to allow time to follow up on training experiences with discussion on program and service impacts. Since 2012, the OCCFR has focused on the following topic training areas for professional developement: Infant and Family Mental Health, Naure Playscapes and Curriculum, Respectful Infant Care, Appropriate Use of Techology within Early Education Programs, Challenging Behaviors, and Attendance at National Conferences for Directors and Early Educators.

Check the "Grants for Campus Child Care Teachers" for funding to implement new initatives related to these topics.

Current Professional Development Opportunities

CPR 2015-2016 for Campus Teachers (coming soon)

A look back at Toni and Robin Christie: Respectful Infant Care 




Teacher Resources (policies, handouts, etc) and Recognition

Articles to Read:

DVD's to check out from OCCFR:

To check out a DVD, please email Angus at

  • Claire Warden: "Outdoor Learning: A Year at Auchlone" Summer and Fall series
  • The Museum Center for Learning, Portland, Oregon
    • Inquiry into Wild Animals
    • Environments to Support Playful Inquiry
    • The Wonder of Intelligent Materials      


Teacher Course Credit Reimbursement form

Jazzin' 2016, Teacher Nomination Form (coming soon)



Grants for Campus Child Care Teachers

GRANTS for UW-Madison Campus Child Care Staff

OCCFR Grant Options 

To request funding for any of these grants, please complete the Request for Support form and submit to Teri Stratton at

New Initiatives Grant for Campus Educators

This grant was created to assist center staff and/or programs with the development of new programming and services that are outside the scope of the annual center budget.

Connie L Wilson Center Grant

The Connie L Wilson Center Grant Fund was developed to support campus center staff and/or programs beyond the constraints of center budgets.

Campus Child Care Center Request for Financial Support

If a Campus Child Care Center has a request that fits with current best practices in early childhood, please first review the Request for Support Guidelines, then complete the Request for Support form and submit to Teri Stratton at



Non-OCCFR Grant Options

Educational Innovation Grants

Educational Innovation empowers faculty and staff to be the agents for change for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Visit this website to learn more about Educational Innovation and the application timeline.

Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

The Professional Development Program Sponsorship Fun offers one-time grants of up to $5000 for on-campus or local professional development activities which are sponsored by UW-Madison and are intended to benefit multi-unit groups of UW-Madison academic staff. Visit this website to learn more about the grant and the application process.

Student Orientation Online Training

Eagle's Wing

Click to View the Eagle's Wing Training Video 

Student Worker TB/Physicals

TB Tests/Physicals for Student Workers
in Campus Children's Centers

TB Tests and physicals for UW students who are employed within campus children’s centers may be completed at University Health Services (UHS) for students who are unable to obtain these services through their ongoing health care provider at no cost. The UW Office of Child Care and Family Resources will provide authorization for payment to UHS only, made possible by segregated fees, in order to obtain the services  at no cost and meet licensing requirements for child care employment.

Please note that the UW student should always use their regular health care provider first and seek this no cost option at UHS ONLY when needed due to lack of other access.

For TB Tests and Physical Exams:


  1. Students seeking financial assistance for physicals will complete an Occupational Medicine Requisition, and obtain the center director's signature. 
  2. Director will then contact OCCFR (Angus or Marcia) with name and contact information of the student. OCCFR will then contact UHS to let them know to contact the student and that funding will go through OCCFR.

Obtaining Services:

  1. UHS will contact the student directly to schedule an appointment.
  2. Student should bring the Occupational Requisition and the required paper work for state child care licensing to their UHS appointment. (This paperwork is required to have AT the appointment in order to serve the student)


  1. OCCFR will pay for authorized student childcare workers for work related TB testing ($15) or work related physicals ($40).
  2. Billing must be prearranged by following the instructions above.