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23nd Annual Jazzin’ Fundraiser

Even though Jazzin’ has been canceled, our campus child care centers need your support more than ever during this critical time. Our centers rely heavily on students to staff their centers. As of next week, the lack of student employees will result in staffing shortages, jeopardizing the ability to deliver quality care for our children. If centers close during this pandemic, the financial fallout will be substantial. As parents scramble to find care for their children, they will likely request reimbursement for lost time in their centers, in part to compensate for lost time at work. The financial burden of paying administrator and teacher salaries with diminishing income will be insurmountable as center budgets allow for little contingency. Even if campus centers remain open, they will need emergency supplies such as protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. We remain grateful for your commitment to Jazzin’, but now that the event has been canceled, we have a growing crisis on our hands. Please consider making a gift to campus child care through our Jazzin’ online store.

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