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Privately Funded Student Child Care Scholarship Grants

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How does the grant work?

Discretionary child care grants are available to student families who experience emergency or family related issues that leave them unable to cover the costs of their regulated child care.  Examples of how these funds have been utilized in the past include a family illness resulting in lost wages for the student parent and a student parent who was a Katrina victim; both needed additional child care support.

Student parents who need assistance to pay for their on-going child care in order to attend classes or work are encouraged to apply for the UW programs like Child Care Tuition Assistance Program (CCTAP) OR Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) program OR city and/or county funding.

Who is eligible?

UW-Madison student parents who receive support from CCTAP, AIM, city and/or county for their regular needs may also apply for the Privately Funded Student Child Care Scholarship Grant if they encounter an emergency where these funds (CCTAP/AIM/city/county) can not support the cost.

The main considerations in granting Privately Funded Student Child Care Scholarship Grants to a UW-Madison student are 1) the availability of funds, 2) an emergency situation for the student where all other options have been pursued and exhausted and 3) granting support will ensure that the student’s coursework will be completed.

Deadlines and application

There is no deadline for applying for this grant since a disaster or emergency situation may occur at any time.  Completed (signed) applications should be sent to the Office of Child Care & Family Resources Office for review.  The applicant will be notified of a decision within one week of receipt.

If you have questions about the application or process, please contact (608) 890-0436.
“Privately funded” means that these grants are made available through individual, organization, and/or corporate gifts to the Office of Child Care & Family Resources Student Child Care Scholarship Grant Fund.

It is our hope that if a student is assisted by the scholarship grant during their enrollment at UW that once they leave the university, they will consider giving back to this fund to support other students in need.

If you would like to make a gift, please contact Teri Stratton at 608-890-0436 or

Privately Funded Student Child Care Scholarship Grants Application.