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CCTAP Frequently-Asked-Questions

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How much support can I expect to receive?

CCTAP awards are based on application information but the average CCTAP award generally covers 30-40% of child care costs per semester per term. You may log into your CCTAP portal to determine if you meet basic eligibility requirements and get a preliminary award estimate (click on Award Calculator).

Where can I find a list of important CCTAP dates and deadlines?

Please see the timeline on our CCTAP home page.

How do I know if I qualify?

CCTAP is available to UW students only (no staff/postdocs unless you are additionally enrolled in credits at least part time). You may determine if meet basic eligibility requirements by using the CCTAP award calculator (UW netID/password required).

We encourage all UW student families to submit an application, regardless of the eligibility status produced by the award calculator. If you are initially denied funding, you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Are there restrictions on what child care provider I may use?

CCTAP may be used at any licensed and/or accredited child care in Wisconsin for your child(ren) ages birth to 12 years. Family child care providers must also be able to prove eligibility to work in the US.

I had a higher income last year. How does that affect my CCTAP eligibility?

Unfortunately last year’s tax forms are the most current official financial information available. If you are denied CCTAP funding for income reasons, you may submit a CCTAP appeal through your online CCTAP account to explain special family circumstances including a reduction of income.

What’s the difference between CCTAP and Kids Kare?

CCTAP is for ongoing or contracted care at any licensed and/or accredited provider in Wisconsin. Kids Kare is for backup care provided at our campus center, Little Chicks Learning Academy. Click here for more information on Kids Kare.

I do not yet have a birth certificate or passport for my child. Should I wait to apply?

We are able to process applications without birth certificates/passports, so it is best to submit your application and tax/income documents while funding remains. However, we cannot issue a CCTAP invoice until proper documents are on file.

I have received CCTAP in the past. Do I need to present my child/ren’s birth certificate or passport again?

We only need to see a birth certificate or passport once per child. We will need proper documentation for any new children added to your application.

I am preparing my CCTAP application and tax forms. Do you need my entire 1040?

We only need the first two pages of your federal tax return forms (Form 1040) from the previous tax year (ex: for 2018-2019 applications, we require 2017 income information). If you do not have access to your tax return form, you may order a tax return transcript from the IRS. Click here to be redirected to the IRS website.

I have not yet selected a child care provider. Can I submit my application without this information?

Yes, you may submit your application without a child care provider but we cannot process your application until you have a confirmed spot at a provider. If you need assistance finding child care please contact Barb Douglas via e-mail or call (608) 265-9123.

I’m new to CCTAP or just need a refresher. Where can I find an overview/general timeline?

Please visit our CCTAP at-a-glance page.

If I receive a CCTAP award, when does my provider receive payment?

Payments are processed at the end of the semester after we can verify your student status and total cost of care.  Please note payments are sent directly to your child care provider approximately 3-4 weeks after we are able to process your invoice (award has been used and credits have been verified). Your online CCTAP account will be updated with your invoice payment status. If your provider has not received our payment within 4 weeks of the last day of the term, you may contact our office and we will follow up with accounting. If you have pre-paid your provider for your child care costs, you will need to discuss reimbursement with them. It is best to talk about this with your provider before the semester begins. For more information on this, please see CCTAP at-a-glance.

Why are payments sent at the end of the semester?

It is state policy to pay for services only after they have been rendered. Therefore, we cannot pay in advance for child care that has not been provided. We also need to verify student status which cannot occur until after the last drop deadline. We issue award certificates at the beginning of each term so that students can notify providers of their allocated CCTAP contribution and find a payment plan that works for both parties. Many providers will deduct part or all of your CCTAP award from your child care payments, while some require full payment in advance and will reimburse the family after our check has been received. Each provider does things differently, and we recommend that you discuss these options with them directly as early as possible.

I have received CCTAP in the past. Why is my new award different?

Our staff reviews our budget and policies before every academic year, which often results in award restructuring. Additionally, family and enrollment changes can affect your award amount.

How many of my children will be covered by CCTAP?

CCTAP funding may be used for up to three children per family each semester.

Is there a limit on how long I may receive CCTAP funding?

Because our goal is to help student parents complete their degree, eligible families may receive up to 10 semesters of CCTAP (not including summer term).

Will my award increase if I use more care?

Your CCTAP award is not affected by the amount of child care you use each week. We encourage families to maximize their CCTAP award and only use the amount of care they require.

What other financial resources are available to my family?

For additional financial assistance options, please visit our student financial assistance page.