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Spring 2015 Events

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Drawbridge Open House, May 2, 2015
Compassionate Parenting: Study Involving parents of young children
Conscious Discipline series, May 15-16

Drawbridge Open House, May 2, 2015

Everyone is invited! It's SUPER circle time! Free and open to the public!
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID)
3rd Floor Orchard View room
333 N. Orchard and University Ave, Madison, WI 53715

What happens when you pair preschoolers with graduate students to problem-solve together using spontaneous drawing and story-telling? Can students from the furthest possible ends of the education spectrum help each other in the process of learning and discovery? 

Over the course of the last academic year, University of Wisconsin graduate students from several disciplines were paired with preschoolers from the Waisman Early Childhood Program, The Preschool Lab and Eagle's Wing and asked to consider the kids as co-researchers. We wanted to know if working with pre-k kids might help widen the narrowing focus of graduate students and lead to more flexibility of mind. And we also wondered if working with graduate students not as a teachers as an equal partners in discovery might contribute something valuable to the experience of being a preschooler. 

Here is what we found: Creative concentration is contagious! DrawBridge is an experimental arts-based program lead by Lynda Barry, Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Creativity, Department of Art, and Director The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery's Image Lab. 

PLEASE join us for the DrawBridge Open House on Saturday May 2nd, at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, 3rd floor, Orchard View Room between 12:30 to 2:30. 

Following Saturday Science & Lynda's Drawing Jam from 10-12

You'll meet the current DrawBridge grad students and DrawBridge alumni and see the work they co-created with their preschool co-researchers (children!). "Professor Bootsy" (AKA Assistant Professor Lynda Barry) will give a 20 minute slide presentation at 1:00.  Following the presentation, we will all be on hand to share the wonder of the DrawBridge experience. Come and explore your imagination with creative genius Lynda Barry & her team!

Compassionate Parenting: Study involving parents of young children

Professor Julie Poehlmann-Tynan in the Human Development and Family Studies Department is conducting an intervention study with parents of young children (birth to 5 years) called: Compassionate Parenting: A Mindful and Caring Approach to Raising your Child. 

The study involves participating in an 8-week intervention, Cognitively-Based Compassion Training (CBCT), from May 11-June 30 2015 or being assigned to a control group. The CBCT group will take place on Friday afternoons for 2 hours and on one Saturday (date to be determined). The trained instructor is Jennifer Knox from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Please contact Jenny Lee, Administrative Resource Teacher UW-Preschool Lab,, 608-265-4782, if you are interested in participating or if you have questions. The principal investigator Dr. Poehlmann-Tynan can be reached at or 608-262-1773. 

Become involved in cutting edge research and get free workshop in Cognitively-Based Compassion Training!

Compassionate Parenting to Enhance Child and Family Well-Being:

Sensitive parenting promotes positive child development such as children’s empathy, compassion, and emerging self-regulation skills. Compassionate parenting involves a form of mindfulness training that promotes sensitive parenting by paying attention intentionally and non-judgmentally and reducing automatic reactions in addition to cultivating a sense of kindness and empathy for ourselves as parents and for our children. By participating in this research, you can help us understand if learning cognitive based compassion skills will improve parent-child relationships and decrease parent anxiety and stress.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an ancient concept with over 2,500 years of history. Mindfulness is the ability to become aware of a present moment on purpose. This includes becoming aware of the way your body feels and what you’re thinking without judging yourself for your thoughts and feelings.

How do I get involved?

All you need to do is fill out the consent form and a researcher from UWMadison will contact you. You will be randomly selected to receive an 8 week Compassionate Parenting Intervention on Fridays from May 11 to June 30, 2015 (and one Saturday half-day, date to be determined), or to be a member of the control group. The Intervention is offered at no cost to you. No matter which group you are randomly assigned to, you will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires and complete a 15 min play session with your child which the research team will videotape before the start of the class.

Conscious Discipline (presented by Nationally Recognized Certified Instructors), May 15-16, 2015


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