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Professional Development opportunities for all campus programs/educators tend to be “layered” to allow time to follow up on training experiences with discussion on program and service impacts. Since 2012, the OCCFR has focused on the following topic training areas for professional development: Infant and Family Mental Health, Nature Playscapes and Curriculum, Respectful Infant Care, Appropriate Use of Technology within Early Education Programs, Challenging Behaviors, and Attendance at National Conferences for Directors and Early Educators.

Check the “Grants for Campus Child Care Teachers” for funding to implement new initiatives related to these topics.

Join your peers to create a Circle of Trust®. Experience reflective practices, consider insights from poetry, media and creative experience, and learn to live and work with integrity, joy and courage.

This series is presented by Mary Louise Peters, MS; Courage & Renewal Facilitator, in partnership with the UW-Madison Office of Child Care and Family Resources (OCCFR) and made possible by the generous support of the Evjue Foundation.

Mary Louise Peters, MS in Education, is a Courage and Renewal Facilitator. At a retreat, Mary will create a safe space for self-reflection and shared exploration, allowing for the deep inner work that nurtures your heart and soul. Facilitation and relationship-based practices have been central to Mary’s work experiences.  She has offered personal and professional renewal experiences in retreat and credit-based formats. Early childhood education, collaborative system building, interagency coordination, professional development, program guidance, and inclusion have been the focus of Mary’s work.

Please note that this is a two-part series for early childhood educators and you are asked to commit to both dates. Please register here.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the series.