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Physicals for Student Workers in Campus Children’s Centers

Physicals are required for UW students who are employed within campus children’s centers. For students who are unable to obtain these services through their own provider, The Office of Child Care & Family Resources will provide authorization for payment (to Occupational Medicine only) so that the student worker meets licensing requirements for child care employment. These fees are paid in full and are made possible through UW Madison student segregated fees. Please note that the UW student should always use their regular health care provider first and seek this no cost option at Occupational Medicine ONLY when needed due to lack of other access.

For TB Tests and Physical Exams:


  1. Students seeking financial assistance for physicals will complete a UW Occupational Health Program Requisition Form for Childcare Provider Physicals and obtain the center director’s signature. The child care center director will then contact OCCFR financial manager with the student’s full legal name, date of birth, email address and phone number. OCCFR will then contact Occupational Medicine to let them know to contact the student and that funding will go through OCCFR.

Obtaining Services:

  1. Occupational Medicine will contact the student directly to schedule an appointment.
  2. Student should bring the Occupational Requisition and the required paper work for state child care licensing to their Occupational Medicine clinic appointment. (This paperwork is required to have AT the appointment in order to serve the student).


  1. OCCFR will pay for authorized student childcare workers for work related physicals ($40). If requested by a physician, OCCFR will also pay for TB testing ($15) for authorized student childcare workers.
  2. Billing must be prearranged by following the instructions above.