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UW Family Child Care Partnership

Family child care providers care for children in their home and can be County certified or State Licensed. Providers who choose to be Accredited are recognized for offering a higher standard of quality by meeting the City of Madison Accreditation Standards. Family Child Care providers may serve a wide range of ages (birth through school age) or they may target a specific age group (infant/toddlers or preschool). UW-Madison contracts with Satellite Family Child Care to provide accreditation and oversight of high quality family child care homes. The UW Family Child Care Partnership is designed to provide infant/toddler care for faculty, staff, and students. Fees and contracts for services are set by the provider. There are currently over 60 accredited Family Child Care providers able to provide care for UW students, staff and faculty. Referrals: Satellite Family Child Care works with family child care providers to serve all families in the Madison area, and can offer referral assistance specifically to UW-Madison families seeking care through the UW Family Child Care Partnership. To instantaneously receive a list of accredited providers with current openings, please complete this web form. You may also contact Satellite through Reach Dane, at 608-275-6740. Program Quality: The staff at Satellite Family Child Care want to receive your feedback. If you ever have questions, concerns, or accolades regarding Satellite providers, please feel free to contact Satellite at or (608) 275-6740. To learn more about Satellite Family Child Care, please visit Satellite’s website.

Other In-Home Child Care Options

* Contact 4-C’s, (608) 271-9181, to obtain a list of licensed and/or accredited Family Child Care options throughout the Madison area * University Apartments Community Center Bulletin Board * Student Job Services: follow instructions at to post a child care opportunity for students.

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