“Without funding from CCTAP, our family would not be able to afford high-quality childcare. Being in grad school full-time and working as a project assistant is very demanding and expensive, and graduate assistantship pay is low. This combination, along with the heightened costs of providing for a baby, create a perfect storm of financial considerations that can be overwhelming at times! Thank goodness for CCTAP and for all UW students who contribute to the funding that goes into CCTAP. Not only does CCTAP make it possible for me to attend grad school and work, it also makes it possible for my partner to work to support our family. Child care waiting lists are long, and costs are high in the Madison/Middleton area; thanks to CCTAP we were able to find a licensed and certified provider that we could afford. Thank you CCTAP!! You are an ESSENTIAL part of the UW-Madison experience for any student who has young children.”

– Linda O.

“I do not even know where to start. I am so incredibly thankful for OCCFR. I was able to enroll my children in the University Child Care Center so that I could have some time to complete my school work each week. The stress of finding a place for your children to go is one thing, but the financial burden of sending your children is another. Both of these stressors have been eliminated for me through this program. I look forward to the day when I am working a job so that I can donate money each year to this program one that has helped me tremendously. Thank you to those who have donated so that I can reach my goals! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Jennifer C.

“Without the support I received from the CCTAP office, I would have never been able to find the resources to continue and finish my degree! I am now graduating in about a month with my Bachelor’s degree from a renowned university. I owe my success and sanity to the CCTAP program for funding my son’s daycare, and then some. The process was not complicated, and I have built relationships with my son and his daycare providers that I will remember for a long time. This program is essential to any mother questioning whether or not she can take care of her child(ren) and go to school at the same time. It is possible with great programs like this one. Thank you, thank you, over a thousand times.”

– Carly H.

“The CCTAP Financial Assistance has been a crucial component of our family’s ability to afford high quality daycare for our son. With my student salary and with my husband working a full time job we are currently unable to afford full time daycare for our son without the supplemented CCTAP funds. This award allows us to be able to devote our time to our careers as well as ensure that our son receives sufficient, high quality care. I am not sure I would have been able to remain in good standing in graduate school without the CCTAP Financial Assistance. We are incredibly appreciative of the efforts put forth by OCCFR to make this possible. We feel indebted to OCCFR and to UW for providing a supportive environment for students who wish to have families while balancing and successfully pursuing their graduate careers.”

– Alexandra L.